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Welcome to @newswithchai …

We are India’s first multi-lingual hyper-local online news network with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG: pronounced BEE-hag). 

‘News With Chai’ is a community service media powered by the people, for the people. Our expressed mission is to serve the social good.

It’s a simple method for the community to broadcast their news and events to our local readers in every city. We aim for comprehensive coverage of interesting local news and events (avoiding car crashes and petty crime).

With the community acting as news correspondents, we provide a more comprehensive 360-degree view of local news than traditional media. We garner a dedicated local following based on our public service approach to the communities we serve.

People representatives, local self governing bodies, local museums, performing arts organizations, nonprofit news networks, local newscasters, filmmakers and good causes can all get their word out through our ‘Local News Partner Program’.

We curate the best media and blog news feeds, ticker taping news in real time to almost 100,000+ local followers on different social media.

We’re a Twitter & Facebook based communal resource, akin to a bulletin board of social media sourced news, for the public good.

Yes. We’re community service media powered by locals. We enable the #crowd to contribute.

It’s so simple to contribute, just add a #hashtag to your local-news tweet to our @newswithchai or post it on our Facebook page []as a status update**. There’s still a better way; you can send the complete news (text, image & graphics) to [email protected] along with your details. For more information, please read the Discussion & Submission Guidelines

Tweet through our @newswithchai Twitter feed (whatever city you are from) simply by adding the #hashtag of the name of the city at the end of your tweet (the example #navimumbai).

We shall retweet your tweet**. If required, we may promote it for the attention of ‘Main Stream Media’, the relevant authorities, or the majority public, for further recommendation, response, action or implementation.

Contribute by following us on twitter @newswithchai and ‘liking’ our page*Yes, We aim to grow all over Asia and bless them all with the privilege of tasting our ‘ekdum kadak garam chai’. Well! Thats our ‘Five Year Plan’ which may also translate itself into a ‘7 Year Itch’ too…Dunno (comments closed!!!) **Promotion/retweet and deletion of news posted by the communities is at the sole discretion of news administrators @newswithchai