Navi Mumbai: Considering the increasing number of COVID-19 victims in MMR sector including the state, Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Shri Abhijit Bnagar directed to take strict action against irresponsible citizens and institutions who violate COVID-19 rules and risk personal and public health to prevent potential crisis in time.

Navi Mumbai municipal Commissioner shri Abhijit Bnagar once again started interacted with all the related factors in the web meeting of department officers and medical officers on February 17 2021 , while important work of clean survey and election process is underway during the period, but the work of taking immediate preventive measures to prevent the growing impact of Coronavirus which is more important in terms of health of citizens is alert Ordered to stay and do.

Considering that there is some relaxation among citizens about following the COVID-19 safety rules, masks, safe distance and continuous hand washing after the start of COVID vaccination, it is very important to follow the safety rules until all citizens have completed their vaccination and the number of COVID-19 patients reaches zero Citizens need to have. Hence, the Mr. Bnagar has noted that everyone needs to take the violation of COVID-19 safety rules is dangerous to the health of one self and others.

Vigilance squads re-implemented along with the police for strict action against those who violate security rules The joint vigilance teams of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Police Department, which have been formed in all eight departments office areas, have been implemented again from 20th February to take action against those who violate COVID-19 security rules. The squad has been directed to visit and inspect at least 4 places where weddings and other social events take place every day. Similarly, action will be taken against irresponsible citizens who violate the rules of masks, social distancing etc by raiding the markets and other uniforms.

Action will also be taken on the management of the House just like the organizers of wedding and public function,It is necessary to follow the restrictions of attendance for the wedding and other ceremonies to be held in the hall, along with that it is also important to follow the rules of masks, social distancing and safety. Six of related departments responsible for monitoring these ceremonies daily. Mr. Bangar has directed to take action along with department’s vigilance teams to the responsibility of the house management as well as the organizers for violating the rules. Considering the severity of the violation of the rules, action should be taken to cancel the registration of the House on the occasion, the Abhijit Bangar has clarified.

The commissioner has directed that the mall management should start a token system to control the number of people and to properly follow the rules of social distancing.

Societies should take complete precautions of COVID-19 prevention,The society officials should reassure the necessary measures for COVID-19 prevention in the societies and it is informed that the isolated people in their homes will not leave their homes if a coronavirus infected person is found in the society. Similarly, looking at the number of coronavirus affected people in the society, if a floor or the entire society is sealed according to the rules, all the citizens of the society are requested to cooperate fully to follow it. Medical officers of the concerned Civil Health Center should take precautions about this and all six of the concerned departments. Corporation should implement the containment area according to the rules.

Emphasis on contact tracing COVID-19 prevention in Navi Mumbai accelerated due to effective implementation of ‘Mission Break the Chain’. The commissioner directed that the ‘trace’ in the mission is a very important element and focusing more on it, it is necessary to take information of at least 20 people in contact with a coronavirus infected person. Instructions have also been given to focus on RT-PCR tests while doing tests.

If you don’t want to let the time of lockdown extend again, it is necessary to strictly follow the preventive rules As the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing now, the use of masks, social distancing and continuous hand washing or sanitizer is our shield to protect against Coronavirus and this safety is not a difference unless we make it a part of our daily living.

The Municipal Commissioner Shri. Abhijeet Bangar. Said, Following these safety rules is very important for the health of you and everyone you come in contact with, and our negligence regarding Coronavirus can once again lead us towards lockdown. That’s why, by being aware now, social health will not be harmed by you, the citizens should follow the security rules and not allow the time to take punitive action to the municipal corporation.