Navi Mumbai: The time has finally come for the launch of the much-awaited e-book of Aatish 2. After much consideration, the e-book has been launched instead of the hardcopy, given the present unusual circumstances.

Aatish 2, an anthology of poems is edited by Fouqia Wajid and Amit Ranjan. The book features poets with international fame including Gulzar, Taslima Nasrin, K. Satchidanandan, Abhay K, Deepak Ramola, Erik Lindner, AM Turaz, Aprilia Zank, Yuan Changming, Aryanil Mukherjee, and more. It also features winning poems from The Great Indian Poetry Contest. While the book is in English, it features translations of poets writing in many languages including Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Dutch, and others. This ensures a book with many views in many tongues, and the thoughts it brings with it. Most poems are also accompanied by an illustrator’s interpretation of them, making the book a unique blend of raw artistic and poetic voices alongside seasoned ones.

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Pavan K. Varma  said, “It is precisely this eclectic mix of the known and the unknown, bound together by a consistently high level of poetic sensitivity, that sets this Anthology apart, and makes it compulsive reading.”

The project took 2 years to conclude and it was managed with the salary of the editor Fouqia Wajid. Fouqia worked as a television writer and producer for Viacom 18. It was not easy to invite such eminent poets. It took a lot of explaining.

“The idea was to give a platform to young poets alongside the stalwarts in the industry. And we finally made it happen. Most poems are accompanied by illustrations. The illustrations took another 6 months. I am glad that the book is getting appreciated on Goodreads and other platforms.” – Fouqia Wajid, Editor of Aatish 2. She intends to organise the next season of The Great Indian Poetry Contest very soon.