Purva Grover pens down the sounds that echo through the subliminal spaces of life and pierce our layers of existence, each with a distinct yet connected identity of human experience.

In each line, she adeptly brings forward a significant happening of 2014 that has affected our lives with decibels of action and inaction, change and chaos, laugh and cry, hope and despair, so on and so forth.

On this last day of 2014, take a minute to read this. If you feel its echo as you take the first step into 2015, don’t hesitate to smile because “it’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday”.

Wishing the world, a happening and blessed 2015…

#2014: A Year Of Sounds : Our lives can often be described as a sum of certain sounds. And the year 2014 was certainly a year of many, many sounds: soft & harsh, painful & cheerful and strong & feeble. A few sounds echoed and stayed with us, many faded with every new vibration and most were forgotten in the rhythm of monotony. A few that lingered with me…

    • The snoring in the Parliament sessions.


    • The collective cheers celebrating a new India.


    • The laughing of jokes on Rahul Gandhi and Alok Nath.


    • The farewell given to Sachin Tendulkar.


    • The cries of the minorities.


    • The power of the Khans, Kapoors, Ranveers and Ranbirs.


    • The loud screams of a child, a young girl and a woman who was raped.


    • The helpless wailing of parents who failed to protect.


    • The loud and soft protests that rose and died, each day.  


    • A bus that plunged off a cliff with a thud.


    • A train that went up in flames and left us with shattering pain.


    • A stampede crushed many lives.


    • The wife of a cabinet minister was found dead. Hushed whispers and loud accusations were made and soon it faded into our memories.


    • The definite replies by Alia Bhatt.


    • The demands by wage earners.


    • The gossip of Bigg Boss.


    • A bomb blast on the roads created a deafening thud; soon the city was engulfed in a cloud of silence. Another blast occurred, and then another.


    • The warmth in the speech of Zohra Sehgal.


    • The melodious tone of Suchitra Sen.


    • The bold voice of Khushwant Singh.


    • The hums of many more who left us.


    • Trains were derailed and heart beats stopped.


    • The registers at the Box Office rang with 100 crores.


    • The singing of Honey Singh.


    • The dialogue of soaps from across the border.


    • The voting counts of reality shows.


    • The tweeting of Twitter.


    • Men, women and children were killed in Assam: their cries didn’t make it to the headlines.


    • Acid attack was another burning issue of concern.


    • Hospitals echoed with painful voices of women after a state funded mass-sterilization drive.


    • Brooms made a sweeping sound encouraging one and all to join the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan cleanliness drive.


    • Kailash Satyarthi gave us a reason to cheer.


    • The loud questioning by Arnab Goswami.


    • A chief minister was convicted, a short-lived justice and relief.


    • Lives got washed away in floods: feeble lives were saved by bold Army men.


    • A new PM took oath and we celebrated the force.


    • The outer space became ours with the celebratory launches of missions and missiles.


    • A third gender’s voice was heard and recognised.


    • A star was accused and then let free on every possible occasion.


    • The courageous chants by known and unknown citizens.


    • The rise and fall of a party of commoners.


    • The screech of terror.


  • The pain of paying & playing in the name of religion

And more…but most importantly the voice of a nation that is now not afraid to stand up.

Article Contributed By Purva Grover, the founder-editor of theindiantrumpet.com, a bi-monthly e-magazine for the NRIs. Purva is a journalist by profession, she has over eight years’ experience in the publishing industry and was working as an associate editor for luxury magazines in India in her last position. She has had a stint as a journalist and senior copy editor with some of the leading newspapers in India. She continues to work as a freelance editorial consultant and writer for Indian and international magazines. She is backed with a post-graduate degree in mass communication and literature. She dreams in words. When she is not meeting professional deadlines, she is dreaming of penning down not a book but a dictionary! She feels words have a soul. She is in search of her favourite word. You can follow her at the twitter handle: @purvagrover.

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