While the film as a fresh fully teenage cast (first time in Indian cinema), the film has another USP. All the songs in the film are actually sung by actors in the film. Besides playing pivotal roles in the film, Muskaan Tomar, Abuzar Akhtar, Maliha Malla, Rishabh Raj and Apurva Godbole have sung songs, truly capturing the mood of the 70’s. This is truly a first in modern Indian cinema.

Other key actors are Yash Rajpara, Gaurav Sharma, Vaishnavi Kadam and Rohit Mugullu.

The film is clean family entertainment and moves away from the conventional concepts of Hindi horror films.

The film, directed by Aziz Zee, is produced by Kunal Shamshere Malla and Suresh Thomas and co-produced by Manesha Chatarji. It is being released theatrically by Lav Singh.

After a spate of winning horror films like Stree, Pari and content like Ghoul being lapped up by the audience, Crescendo Music and Films have joined hands with KSM Film Productions to produce India’s 1st Teen Thriller Titled 1978 directed by Aziz zee.

The film, comprising of an all-new ensemble cast, guarantees to be a quick pace and racy affair with music being one among the highlights. A source near to the film adds that almost all actors have sung their own song, “While scouting for actors, Suresh Thomas of Crescendo music discovered that almost all of the actors were good singers as well and it was decided that they’d all sing their own lines within the film. This is often probably the first time that all actors have given playback for themselves in a very feature film”.

Talking about 1978, Kunal Malla of KSM films says, “The film is well-to-do, its got all components of an honest horror flick and we are confident of the content. All the new comers have done a superb job and have gone beyond our expectations in terms of performances that has contributed immensely in creating the film entertaining and a grip of the seat affair” he smiles.

1978, features a bunch of young fresh actors: Yash Rajpara, Maliha Malla, Gaurav Sharma, Vaishnavi Kadam, Rishabh Raj, Muskaan Tomar, Rohit Mugullu and Apurva Godbole. they’re supported by Sunny Yadav, well-known TV actress, Sonyaa and singer, Abuzar Akhtar whereas Mohamed Jaffer is credited with the director of photography. 1978 is co-produced by Manesha Chatarji and will be released worldwide by Theatre King on 3rd May 2019. Check out the trailer here