At some point of time, we all must have thought of having a magic wand which will make us look vibrant. Be it day or night, chilling with friends or just a casual date, who doesn’t like to have great skin and a pretty appearance? And keeping in mind that we can generally dab on some makeup to cover our little imperfections and look flawless for any event. But this every morning makeup ritual is short-lived and dependency on cosmetics for daily basis can deprive the texture of our skin and can even cause cancer. How about I tell you something which helps you get beautiful and glowing skin by just investing a few hours of your life and tadaaaaaaa… you are radiant and 18 for a lifetime.

One of Navi Mumbai’s best-known cosmetologist Rittu.M.Maheshwari has a plethora of candescent and younger-looking skin secrets. She is exactly the expert you need when you want to make your skin look glazed and lustrous. She is a Clinical Cosmetologist, trichologist and M.D naturopathy holding seven years of experience and conducting over 300 non surgical treatments to make people feel vibrant and confident about themselves. Her clinic is located in Sanpada and provides services like Double Chin Treatment, Medical Vitiligo Treatment, Psoriasis Treatmentanti-ageing Treatment, Obesity Treatment, etc. She attaches the highest importance to providing affordable and quality treatments for people from all walks of life.
A drab face can ruin the overall look of brand new attire. So why take a chance? Book your appointment right now and welcome Diwali with a fuss-free skin