Mumbai: Urban Development Minister and Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde, who is the Gadchiroli district minister recently in a review meeting with Forest Minister Sanjay Rathod expressed his special attention to the district in spite of his presence in Mantralaya. 100 pulse oximeters gifted to the COVID warrior in the district administration with the hands of Guardian Minister with cooperation of Dr. Shrikant Shinde Foundation, Thane. Along with that, he also distributed 2 thousand masks and 5 thousand liters of hand sanitizer, and 10 thousand liters of sodium hypochloride are handed over to the district administration.

For the uncovers, Shinde chaired the Gadchiroli district planning development council’s meeting to approve the annual plan of Rs 491 crore. Thereafter, he took out time to meet Birju Dorpeti, a former member of company number 4, Jeevan Narote, former commander of platoon number 56, Renuka alias Janki Kafri Tissa, a former member of Bhamragad Dalam and Deve alias Sushila Dumma, a former member of Chalgaon Dalam.

For curbing of the unprecedented hike of coronavirus pandemic Guardian Minister has directed administration to increase antigen test to a bigger scale. Fortunately, the state government is coming to prevent community infection with everyone’s cooperation and hard work where the state government is implementing a slew of measures to control coronavirus pandemic and step up the development process to prevent the increase of corona.

Shinde said, “We are now starting chases the virus mission by increasing the tests in Gadchiroli district also. Special funds will be given to the municipality and municipal panchayat in Gadchiroli district to prevent the spread of corona from my urban development account.”

Top Highlights he focused on:

  • Funds for Corona measures will not be reduced
  • The decision to provide eggs and milk for COVID-affected patients
  • Forest department should not file a case against contractors doing road/bridgework in the district
  • Remdisvir / toklyzumb injection will be available
  • Strict action will be taken against workers officers
  • Instructions to help the farmers affected by the project due to Medigadda
  • The works of roads and bridges have been approved by the state government and the central government
  • Keep aside the rules of the forest department and implement the development works immediately

Earlier the Guardian Minister said that the Thane civic body has started mass screening surveillance and also testing through mobile dispensaries in containment zones. He also stated that the lockdown was recently imposed in the area to curb overcrowding and to ensure that the norms that have been put in place are not flouted. He states that after the lockdown, they witnessed a drop in cases but after releasing the lockdown, the cases have spiked. The hotspots and containment zones have been strictly surveyed and mobile dispensaries are used for screening and antigen tests.