Thursday, June 27, 2019

World Cup 2019

Maha Elections 2019

NMMC Polls 2020

Cheeni Ek Chamach


Upgrading Academic Excellence Of Tribal Students

An Initiative By Nitya Sarthi Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives honing tribal talent defines the work...

Mumbai Metropolitan Region


Lok Sabha 2019

Rajnath Singh

Challenges For Rajnath Singh: Terrorism, Modernisation And Many More

Rajnath Singh, took charge as country’s new Defence Minister. Hours before taking charge, Singh visited the National War Memorial and paid tribute to...

Ekdum Kadak

Air Pollution: The Invisible Killer

“The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our forefathers but on loan from our...

India Demands Justice

India Hyper Local News

Politicking : Shardul Kaushik

Shardul Kaushik talks to NewsWithChai about the prospects of the Congress party in Navi...

CIDCO Board Of Directors Gives In-Principle Approval To Appoint Delhi Metro Rail Corporation To Undertake Work On Navi Mumbai’s Metro Line 2 & 3

The CIDCO Board of Directors accorded in principal approval to appoint Delhi Metro Rail...



Cyclone “Vayu” Is Expected To Hit Gujarat By Thursday Morning.

“Vayu” intensified into a severe cyclonic storm and will continue to strengthen over the warm water of the Arabian Sea through the midweek. People of...

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan Launched ‘Eat Right’ Campaign.

The Union Health minister advocates to donate the excess food and promotes  “zero food wastage” Campaign in restaurants. As per the  estimation of...

Modi Govt Approves New Agency To Develop Space Warfare Weapon System.

To enhance the capabilities of the armed forces to fight wars in space Modi government has approved the setting up of a new agency...

Expect Heavy Showers In Konkan Coast On Tuesday And Wednesday As Per The Weather...

The weather bureau on Monday issued a forecast on heavy rainfall  in the coming days in Mumbai. Thunderstorm and lightning were reported in several...

Yuvraj Singh’s Fans Ask BCCI For A Farewell Match

India cricketer Yuvraj Singh on Sunday announced his retirement from all forms of cricket. The left-handed batsman, who made his international debut in...

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Wonderful Women

Dr. Smile: Dr. Priyanka Soni Rajpoot

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female “If you want to...

Women In Indian Politics: A Perspective & Future Ahead

Women in politics
The Lok Sabha elections held in 2019 has seen an all-time high of female...

Lone Warrior: Komal Peswani

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female I waited quietly in...

The Puppeteer Lady Lila Mahipat Kavi (Lila Baa)

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female The gate had Dada’s...

The Fighter: Rashmi Suri

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female If ever you have...

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Digital Mode Of Data Collection To Be Tested In Census 2021

Census 2021
"Pre-test of Census 2021 would be extremely challenging, as the digital mode of...

Curious Case Of Kohli’s Bat! Rashid Khan Reveals How His ‘Special Bat’ Gifted By Virat Was Stolen By Afghan Teammate

Afghanistan is all set to play their opening game in the ongoing World Cup...

Demystifying Individual / Personal taxes 2019

income taxes 2019
With the beginning of the new Financial Year 2019-2020, let us have a look...

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The Secret Untold…

She liked pencils and colors;Anemones, Lillie's, Sunflowers,A world of hers she’d fabricated;Filled with fondness, uncontaminated,Yet there was a secret untold:Metamorphosing her...

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५ जून रोजी करण्यात येणारी पाणी कपात रद्द

ठाणे महानगरपालिका व स्टेम प्राधिकरण यांचेमार्फत बुधवार दिनांक ५ जून २०१९ रोजी करण्यात येणारी पाणी कपात रमजान ईद असल्याने तूर्त रद्द करण्यात आली असून सदर दिवशी नेहमीप्रमाणे पाण्याचे वितरण करण्यात येणार आहे.

स्टेम प्राधिकरण यांनी पाणी पुरवठयाचे नियोजन करण्‍यासाठी ठाणे महापालिकेला स्टेम प्राधिकरणाकडून होणारा पाणी पुरवठा दर बुधवारी बंद करण्यात येतो, दरम्यान बुधवार दिनांक ५ जून २०१९ रोजी रमजान ईद हा सण असून नागरिकांची गैरसोय होऊ नये याकरिता पाणी कपात रद्द करण्यात आली आहे. या दिवशी नेहमीप्रमाणे पाण्याचे वितरण करण्यात येणार आहे.


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RTI Activist Anil Galgali

Event By Moneylife Foundation: Success Stories & Learning From RTI...

Attend a unique seminar to learn from a veteran RTI Activist Register Online:  Renowned RTI...

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